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     Future Light is a company which considers "lighting" as the main business and specializes in lighting design, lighting manufacture and lighting operation. The business contains lanterning, gardening, simulated plants and animals, street light view, urban landscape lighting and festival atmosphere lighting, etc. Since the company started, it has been committed to improving the artistic value and cognition of light in social life.The service is based on the integration of traditional lantern culture, urban landscape and cultural tourism projects, and gradually develops the business of cultural tourism, lighting art design and training,night scene video making ,etc. It also combines the traditional lantern with modern lighting, creating the first cooperation opportunity in film and TV drama lighting area.   
      The company adopts advanced self-managed employment instead of the weak company employment which is caused by the fast-developing lanterning industry. It provides employees who have unique thoughts with a more broad and free working atmosphere. They become a professional team in design, research, producing,construction, operation, and after-sale services. They will bring the wonderful light to the customers with the greatest concern.